Marie and Yannick (MaYa): The Parents of Two Young Children.

We love organic and natural body care products. Cloth diaper users since 2011, we support an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Notre famille

We met in our native French region of Alsace and came to Québec in 2006, where we settled in Montréal's Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood in 2007. We adopted natural products as soon as we arrived and continue to use an ever greater number of these safe products for our daily needs.

Marie et les enfants
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Marie et les enfants

We came to this new lifestyle gradually, as implementing it is a several year task! In October 2010, we learned that we would become parents in the coming year. We didn't know about the oleo-calcareous ointment and used instead washcloths or biodegradable wipes, without perfume and chemicals but it was not moisturizing and protecting for the skin

Aaaaahhh if only we had known of the oleo-calcareous ointment when our son first had diaper rash in 2011!

It was only in speaking with French friends that we discovered the oleo-calcareous ointment, then unheard of here in Québec. Liam was two by then and, even if he was no longer in diapers, we used the liniment to moisturize his skin in winter and on all our little rashes and minor irritations. We quickly decided to make our own ointment for our use. Our friends, who had never heard of this product, came to love it as much as we did. And so, we decided to start selling this "miracle product" according to our lifestyle philosophy: a natural product with organic ingredients! A neutral product with neither additives nor perfume! Not a luxury product, but a quality multiuse product accessible to all! In March 2015, we have started marketing and selling our 4 sorts of liniments.

In April 2015, our family grew with the arrival of Michelle. We used our liniment on her right from birth (when changing her diaper, to remove her cradle cap and on the little irritations in the creases of her chubby neck and thighs).

We are pleased to offer our line of oleo-calcareous ointments, an ecological alternative to disposable wet wipes and a handcrafted product made with love in Québec! Our products line grows up and we are happy to offer a variety of natural skin care products for you and your family. Besides our four liniments, we propose an outdoor protective cream, a whipped body butter, an "In the wood" spray, two dry shampoos, a massage bar and a vegan soap!