Our products contain simple and high-quality certified-organic ingredients. Chemical-free ingredients you recognize.

Gamme ingrédients

Ingredients are the foundation of any product and their quality guarantees the quality of the final product. We use only premium-quality and certified-organic ingredients. Our shea butter is certified fair trade.
All our products contain natural preservatives, including grapefruit seed extract and plant-derived and natural vitamin A, for optimal conservation.

No chemicals, no perfumes. Just the essential ingredients your skin needs!

Huile d'olive

Olive oil

Our products are made with top quality olive oil. We use only extra-virgin oil from first cold pressing. Skin loves the hydrating effect of the fat in olive oil. Unlike water, olive oil won't evaporate from the skin and, once absorbed, it leaves a protective layer behind.

Huile de coco

Coconut oil

Perfect for all types of skin, this plant-based oil nourish- es and repairs. It is extremely rich in essential fatty ac- ids, lauric acid and myristic acid and its vitamins A and E have anti-free radical and anti-oxidant properties. Coconut oil replenishes the skin and is very easily ab- sorbed, making smooth epidermis.

Beurre de karité

Shea butter

Shea butter holds many restorative properties and is especially recommended for dry skin. Thanks to its naturally occurring A, D, E and F vitamins, shea is a powerful tool for regenerating and repairing your skin, making it soft from deep hydration.

Huile d'avocat

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is extracted from the avocado fruit. It has many virtues and is an excellent anti-aging and nourishing oil with exceptional penetrating properties.

Oxyde de zinc

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is a white pigment, very useful as a white base. Known for his protective and antiseptic properties, he is also used for irritated skins care. Zinc oxide is also known as an anti-UV protective filter.

eau de chaux


A natural antifungal and antiseptic, limewater fights acidity in urine and balances the skin's natural pH.